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More About Preservation

Read below for answers to the most common questions

Can all flowers be pressed?

Yes, and no. While most flowers and foliage can be pressed, some bulkier items or drieds can not be pressed then fitted into the frame. If you have concerns about certain elements of your bouquet, please reach out!

How long does the process take?

Depends! Some flowers take longer to press than others for various reasons, water content, thickness of blooms, texture of the petals, how hydrated the bouquet is upon delivery, etc. The process start to finish can take up to 6 months.

Does pressing flowers change them?

Absolutely! Things like color might change naturally during the pressing process. The shape of pressed blooms might also look different from a fresh bloom. Lighter colors tend to lighten, white flowers tend to yellow or brown slightly, darker colors tend to darken etc. Shape may be intentionally altered in the pressing process to prevent browning or molding to give you the best end results.

How long will pressed flowers last?

A lifetime! Pressed flowers have been found to be intact after hundreds of years. While this doesn't mean your pressed flowers won't change over time, you can rest assured knowing you can cherish your pressed florals for years to come.

How can I help ensure the best end result?

Take care of your bouquet! Keep it in water as much as possible during and after your event. Try your best to be gentle with your blooms by preventing them from being smushed or touched too much and keep them in a cool dry place before hand off or shipping takes place.

What goes into the cost of my frame?

Time and materials. Pressing flowers to high quality standards requires patience and attention to detail. From deconstruction of the bouquet, carefully placing  blooms into the press, changing press papers, reconstructing flowers,  cleaning frames, arranging layout, to gluing lay out, the process can take up to 20+ hours per bouquet.

As soon as possible! We only accept a certain number of bookings each weekend, and while we do our best to accommodate last minute bouquets, booking early is highly recommended.

How far in advance should I book?

No, we exculsively offer pressed flower preservation. Pressed flowers are an eco-friendly alternative to resin.

Do you offer resin preservation?

Yes! We offer shipping of final frames at an additional cost.

Do you offer shipping?

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