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Top 5 Floral Elements to Include for your Bouquet Preservation

We all know a great flower preservation piece when we see one, but what makes that one stand out piece so, well, great?! Here we'll talk about those perfect elements to include in your floral scope to ensure your preserved piece has all the goodies to create the work of art it deserves to be!

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Element No. 1

Focal florals! Now, your florist will absolutely already be considering what florals to use to really draw attention and impact to your bouquet. Focal florals are typically those single stemmed blooms on the medium to large size that make a statement in your bouquet. Think flowers like roses, anemones, dahlias, ranunculus, and chrysanthemums. These beauties really take center stage and are the memorable main characters of any bouquet.

Element No. 2

Filler flowers! These elements act as background roles in any good bouquet, and will again be an element your florist will naturally include in your bouquet. A good filler flower gives body and fullness to any bouquet, and can be used as ways to add additional texture into your bouquet. These beauties are integral to a great flower preservation piece! They will offer movement, and create size diversity within your piece to increase visual contrast. Consider florals like sweet peas, baby breath, Queen Anne's lace, jasmine, and spray roses.

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Element No. 3

Line Flowers! I can not get enough of line flowers in a preservation piece, they are your supporting actors in any bouquet. These lovely long-stemmed flowers have multiple blooms per stem and really draw your eye toward your focal flowers. They help create whimsical, romantic bouquets with just the right amount of drama! Line flowers like delphinium, stock, snapdragons, Veronica, create beautiful movement in your final piece.

Element No. 4

Greenery! Providing structure, texture, and contrasts to the floral elements, greenery is quite literally the backbone to this storyline! Greenery offers fullness, and a visual sense that your bouquet is blooming straight from your hands. While not always a necessary component to every bouquet, greenery can tie any bouquet together.

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Element No. 5

Color and Variety! Like any good main cast, each bloom offers a little diversity and intrigue to the plot. This translates into a good flower preservation piece as well! Consider using a variety of types of blooms from each element to give your bouquet preservation the Oscar nomination it deserves! Having multiple types, textures, colors, shapes and sizes are all key to getting the most out of your flower preservation.

Ready to preserve your bouquet? Inquire about your date here.

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